About the Book

Mark the Little Minus Sign is a beautiful, captivating story with our brave hero, Mark, as the protagonist in the story. The story is designed to familiarize young children with traditional mathematic symbols.

Will Mark the little Minus Sign find his missing talent?

No one besides Zero will befriend Mark the little Minus Sign, or tell him what his talent is because they don’t want him to take away something they value. To Mark, it feels like the other children at school know their talents already – even Mark’s best friend, Zero, finds his!!! When Miss Story, an imaginary number, arrives at school with her mysteriously blank book, it prompts Mark to use his vivid imagination to find adventure, a new friend, and his true talent.

Note From The Author

Linda Garret is the author of Mark the Little Minus Sign and the others in the math book series.

” I believe ‘The world could be a better place because a person has lived.’ I hope that Mark the little Minus Sign will inspire many generations to come. “

-Linda C. Garret


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Barnes & Noble
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  • $21.95/16.95 Hardback/Paperback
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Baker & Taylor
  • $21.95/16.95 Hardback/Paperback
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Mark Minus loves spending time with his family. Here’s some great activities that you can enjoy with your family too!

Can You Help Mark Find His Dragon and Lily in this Printable Maze?
Printable Coloring Pages
Online Resources (For Parents to Review for their Children)





Also, for fun, you may want to research the Poem “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carroll

Searching the internet for “Einstein’s Riddle” and working through the riddle 
we can learn who owns the fish and who drinks the water.

Latest News


James Koenig is the illustrator behind Mark the Little Minus sign. He worked closely with Linda Garret to develop the 54 characters as well as the illustrations for the book.

You can see more of his work at www.freelancefridge.com.


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